We help your Organization's Strategy Management

eStrategia provides a solution for building out strategic goals, a plan to execute and accomplish these strategic goals. Furthermore eStrategia enable leadership to easily Communicate and share their mission and vision throughout the organization, as well as track key performance indicators necessary to accomplishing them.

Giving you the easiest and simplest Performance Management workflow

eStrategia's performance management module is designed to measure what matters most in your organization – your people. This software helps companies with OKRs, as well as conversations, feedback, and recognition. Overall, it allows your employees and mangers to understand where the organization is trying to go, and how they are impacting these goals.

Easily climb up the ladder of your Organization through Employee Appraisal module

eStrategia engages employees by giving them clear deliverables for themselves, measures performance using the deliverables defined as result areas/performance indicators, and delivers powerful tracking reports to show where the employee needs help, how they can improve and how this compares with other individuals.

Manage risks and incidents across the enterprise in a single solution

In eStrategia, the prospect of having to deal with and resolve identified risks doesn’t seem too formidable. And the credit for which is single-handedly accounted to the extremely friendly, and pleasantly neutral tones of its risk management board. The strongest suit that elevates eStrategia to a higher pedestal than it’s fellow contenders is that it is a fully-featured risk management tool. So, whether you’re working on a task or conducting a meeting, eStrategia lets you keep one eagle eye on risk updates.

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